US President Bios

18: Ulysses S. Grant

Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant

by Ulysses Grant

544 pages, published 1885

U.S. Grant: American Hero, American Myth

by Joan Waugh

384 pages, published 2009

American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant

by Ronald C. White Jr.

864 pages, published 2016

Let Us Have Peace: Ulysses S. Grant and the Politics of War and Reconstruction, 1861-1868

by Simpson, Brooks D.

360 pages, published 1997

Ulysses S. Grant: The American Presidents Series: The 18th President, 1869-1877

by Bunting III, Josiah

208 pages, published 2004

Ulysses S. Grant: Triumph over Adversity, 1822-1865

by Simpson, Brooks

560 pages, published 2014

The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant: The Complete Annotated Edition

by Ulysses Grant

816 pages, published 2019

Who Was Ulysses S. Grant?

by Stine, Megan, Who HQ, Geyer, Mark Edward

112 pages, published 2014

Ulysses S. Grant: Triumph over Adversity 1822-1865

by Brooks D. Simpson

533 pages, published 2000

Grant: A Biography

by William S. McFeely

592 pages, published 2002

Ulysses S. Grant: Soldier & President

by Geoffrey Perret

576 pages, published 1997


by Jean Edward Smith

784 pages, published 2001

The Man Who Saved the Union: Ulysses S. Grant In War and Peace

by H.W. Brands

752 pages, published 2012