US President Bios

21: Chester A. Arthur

Recommended Book

Chester Alan Arthur (The American Presidents Series)
by Karabell, Zachary
Chester Alan Arthur was vice president to James Garfield and became president after Garfield's death only half a year into their first term in 1881. It is reported that Chester Arthur had very little interest in being president. And it appears as if biographers had similarly little interest in writing about him. A contributing factor to this will be, that Arthur is one of the few (or maybe the only?) president had all his letters and other papers burned before his death. Karabell’s book which is series of the American President's Series is the shorter and more recent one (published in 2004) of the two prominent options, which is why it is the recommendation.

192 pages, published 2004

Gentleman Boss: The Life of Chester Alan Arthur

by Thomas C. Reeves

500 pages, published 1991