US President Bios

28: Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson World Statesman

by Kendrick A. Clements

288 pages, published 1999

Woodrow Wilson : A Biography

by August Heckscher, Katherine Speirs

743 pages, published 2001

Woodrow Wilson

by Brands, H. W.

169 pages, published 2003

Woodrow Wilson (Penguin Lives)

by Auchincloss, Louis

144 pages, published 2000


by Berg, A. Scott

832 pages, published 2014

Woodrow Wilson A Biography

by John Milton Cooper Jr.

736 pages, published 2011

Who Was Woodrow Wilson?

by Frith, Margaret, Who HQ, Thomson, Andrew

112 pages, published 2015

The Moralist Woodrow Wilson and the World He Made

by Patricia O'Toole

656 pages, published 2019

Woodrow Wilson

by Walworth, Arthur

438 pages, published 1979